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2023 London South Bank University International Undergraduate Study Grants in the UK


Apr 11, 2023
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24 August 2022 is the closing date

This is great news! Chancerygate Foundation Bursaries for African and Caribbean students are available for the academic year 20222023. International students may apply to the program either as a new student or as an existing student.

Scholarships are available to African or Caribbean ancestry students seeking accreditation by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) are eligible for this scholarship program. As a result, qualified students will be inspired to overcome obstacles and establish long-term careers in real estate.

What London South Bank University is all about

In 1892, Borough Polytechnic Institute was renamed London South Bank University. The London School of Business is located in the Elephant and Castle district of London. Our mission is to impact lives, communities, enterprises, and society as a whole by providing practical education and insight. By the Times Higher Education ranking, London South Bank University is ranked 801 in the world.

Furthermore, LSBU is committed to providing the best educational opportunities for its students. We ensure that our students have the credentials, skills, and knowledge they need to succeed. By supporting the growth of qualified graduates prepared for social and corporate challenges, we seek to establish ourselves as a model organization for excellent practice-led learning.

The following are the selection criteria:

  • As a person of African and Caribbean heritage, you identify as such.
  • There are less than 25k pounds in your household income each year.
  • The course will be available to those under 26 years of age.
  • In your family, you are the first generation to complete higher education.
  • Disability or a learning difference is something you identify as.
  • It is possible that you have spent time in care, been placed in care, or are estranged from your family.
  • It is recognized by social services that you are a young adult.
  • As your main qualification, you hold a BTEC diploma.
  • Having completed at least twenty-one years of education but not holding a bachelor’s degree at the time of starting your course qualifies you as a mature student.

Country preferences:

African and Caribbean students are welcome to apply.

The following are the benefits of applying:

  • There will be ten thousand pounds of living expenses paid to student beneficiaries each year, along with access to work experience in the field.
  • Students enrolled in multi-year degree courses will receive the bursary during each semester, excluding placement years.
  • There will be two equal payments of $5,000 for bursary recipients.
  • The Bursary is contingent on students progressing to their next academic year.

A method of application is as follows:

  • LSBU Online Application System is required for students applying. You can apply for an undergraduate course through UCAS if you are an international student. After that, please email breakingbarriers@lsbu.ac.uk.

Topics relevant to this course include:

Building surveying or quantity surveying are offered as undergraduate degrees at the university.

Documents that are required

As part of your application, please include all the following supporting documents (supporting documents cannot be emailed separately).

  • Describe yourself in 250 words or less (per question)
  • What you have accomplished to date and what you are good at. The term can refer to both academic and personal accomplishments.
  • If you finish your course, what would you like to do next.
  • How and why will the financial support impact your studies?

Criteria for entering:

  • Applicants must meet the merit criteria and other requirements as well.
  • English language requirements for each university must be checked and met by the applicant.


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