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2023 University of Liverpool International PhD Study Grants in the UK


Apr 11, 2023
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November 22, 2022, is the deadline for submissions.

The offer is great! We are delighted to offer opportunities to outstanding applicants who wish to pursue doctoral studies in Cleaner Futures MOF Catalysts for CO2 Utilisation at the University of Liverpool in the academic year 2023/2024.

Applicants chosen for this position will learn collaboration and scientific communication skills through participation in a dynamic, collaborative team. In addition to this PhD studentship, a sizable endeavor is underway to provide the scientific underpinnings necessary to help the UK chemicals industry develop into a sustainable one.

A brief overview of Liverpool University

University of Liverpool is a public research university located in Liverpool, England. In the past, the guide has ranked it among the top 150 universities in the world. 33,000 students attend the research-based university, which offers over 450 programs in 54 fields of study.

Several subject areas are covered by this university’s undergraduate, graduate, and research programs. Among the world’s top 1% universities, University of Liverpool is renowned for its internationally acclaimed research. According to the list of top global universities, the University of Liverpool is ranked #155.

Perks of applying:

During the 3.5-year period, the award will cover full tuition fees and a maintenance grant. A maintenance grant of £15,609 per year is available for 2021/22, and it could be increased for 2022/23.

Subjects covered:

Department of Chemistry, School of Physical Sciences, and Faculty of Science and Engineering.

The following requirements must be met to apply:

All of the following criteria must be met by applicants to be eligible:

  • It is required that the applicants be enrolled in a PhD program at the school.
  • Candidates should have a degree in chemical sciences or be postgraduate research students.

Application Methodology

Through the university’s online portal, students must apply for their preferred course of study. Scholarship applications from international students who meet the scholarship’s eligibility requirements will be considered.

Documents you need:

If you wish to apply online, you’ll need the following information:

  • College or school transcripts/certificates
  • Transcripts from university
  • Obtaining a degree
  • Certificates in English
  • Summary of my personal characteristics
  • In the last three years, if you were in full-time education, please provide two references who are signed and on letterhead.
  • An issue of plagiarism, collusion, or other irregularities may be detected in the research proposal.

Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Admission to the university requires aspirants to meet its admission requirements.
  • University of Liverpool requires all students to demonstrate proficiency in English and meet its requirements.


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