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La Trobe University Scholarship Grants 2023 Australia for International Students


Apr 11, 2023
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Applications are due by December 31, 2022

Do you want to know how to pursue a career in Australia? This is great news! We are pleased to announce the La Trobe University Scholarships for International Students in Australia for 2023-24.

The University offers these scholarships to applicants without the financial resources needed to begin a bachelor’s or postgraduate degree program.

La Trobe University is located in Melbourne, Australia

The University of La Trobe values academic excellence. You will also be considered for a scholarship if you apply for an undergraduate or postgraduate place at La Trobe and are a high-achieving international student.

A four-year program is offered to undergraduate students. The master’s program takes three years.

The following benefits come with application:

As a recipient of a La Trobe University Scholarship, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Applicants can receive a scholarship that covers up to 25% of their tuition fees.
  • A student’s percent award depends on their WAM and their overall eligibility. Scholarships are included in offer letters.

The WAM is calculated by averaging the credit points assigned to each of your subjects. During a semester, it is calculated from the average mark of all subjects you have completed in the course.

Factors that determine selection

La Trobe University Scholarships are awarded based on the following criteria:

  • Language required: English
  • Citizen of a non-Australian or non-New Zealandan country.
  • Does not attend La Trobe.
  • Academic and English language requirements must be met.
  • Pay the full tuition.
  • Apply as a new international student in 2023/2024.
  • Apply to study an undergraduate or postgraduate coursework program at all La Trobe campuses.
  • Have a weighted average mark of at least 55 percent (Australian Equivalency) and meet course prerequisites.

What is the application process?

  1. Identify an eligible course and apply.
  2. Online application submission is required.
    • La Trobe Excellence Scholarships will be awarded if your chosen course is eligible for the award and you meet the course entry requirements.
  3. If you receive your scholarship award letter via email, you must meet any conditions in your offer (if applicable) as soon as possible to secure your scholarship.

To find out more, please contact LTIRecruitment@latrobe.edu.au


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